25 Life Facts for 25 Years of Life


  1. Always stay positive
  2. Pictures make memories, take LOTS of them (yes, including selfies)
  3. Family over EVERYTHING
  4. Have goals and dreams
  5. Never give up on your goals and dreams
  6. Laugh, at least once, every. single. day.
  7. Always smile…it’s contagious 🙂
  8. Be appreciative
  9. Travel! Even if it’s down the road, get out, and go!
  10. Eat ANY and ALL amazing food, as long as it’s in moderation…you’re fine (well that’s what I tell myself)!
  11. Make a bucket list and accomplish your list early so you can continue your list as you grow…from being independent to being with a significant other and then growing into a family.
  12. Puppies and Kittens will ALWAYS make your day better!
  13. Always ask for help
  14. LEARN, soak up as much knowledge as you can, you can literally learn something new everyday. Be. A. SPONGE.
  15. Enjoy good company
  16. Take time for yourself
  17. NO RAGRETS (haha just kidding, seriously, no regrets!)
  18. Find the good in people
  19. The five stages of grief are real
  20. Celiac disease is so suckish (if you are able to eat gluten, please for the love of all good things, eat it for me.)
  21. Enjoy the outdoors, get away from the boobtube and computers and electronics, there is a real world out there!
  22. Try to control your road rage…well…as best you can
  23. Don’t make stupid decisions
  24. When you do make stupid decisions, learn from your experiences


  1. Alix | 23rd Feb 17

    #17 made me laugh out loud 😂 Great post!!

  2. Kirstie | 24th Feb 17

    Awesome list and blog Sam! (Although I take issue with being a celiac sucking – I’ve actually found it led me to a more healthy lifestyle overall. One thing I learned early: make my own bread. GF bread just isn’t as good as regular unless it’s homemade!) I love your suggestions to laugh, smile, and look to our pets for joy. There’s a lot of wisdom in humor and in nature:-)

    • Samantha Santoro | 24th Feb 17

      Kirstie! Thanks so much for reading and enjoying! Stay tuned because I will definitely be talking more about the celiac life and healthy living because of it! Totally relate! Haven’t made my own bread yet, but I barely eat it anyway now lol!!! 🙂 Crazy to see how many people now have celiac when you feel like you’re the only one! #celiacliving

  3. Lauren Shuster | 24th Feb 17

    love this! i just turned 26 and have been thinking along the same lines!

  4. Allie | 1st Mar 17

    I love this! I totally agree with so many of these things… getting outside, traveling, bucket list, puppies, all of ittt. I really like when people post ‘getting to know you’ type posts or about me sections. It’s so fun to see everyone’s unique outlook and personality. (:

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