How To Show You Love ALL Of Their Forms

My soon to be husband and I are two peas in a pod…go ahead…I know it’s coming, Sam, you’re just in the “honeymoon” stage, things are going to change.

Well, I choose to believe that…sure, that could be true, and yes there are ups and downs in every relationship, whether you are boyfriend/girlfriend, engaged, and married. BUT. I also chose to believe that a relationship is what you and your other put into it.

Something my fiance said to me once when I was feeling down…

“Sam, I am going to LOVE YOU IN ALL OF YOUR FORMS.”

Let me tell you! That struck a serious love nerve and melted my heart! We now say it all the time to one another.

Think about it. We are not robots, we are not programmed to live perfect happy lives. We all have emotions and feelings and we all deal with them differently.

So, here are 3 simple things my fiance and I do to remind each other that we love one another in all of our forms…

  • Write To Each Other: 
    • It may be the simplest note saying ‘I love you’ or it may be a few pages to a letter but express your feelings for each other. We are reminded at the most random times that we love each other for the smallest things. You took the time to write that small note or that letter and it lets him or her know you were thinking of them at that moment. It’s truly the little things


  • Discuss Your Boundaries:
    • When one of us may be frustrated or angry and need to cool off some steam…do NOT be upset if your other needs some time to themselves to just clear their head. Too many couples I see now-a-days are up each others butt. HELLLLOOO, you’re still individuals…again, read above as previously discussed, we all have our own emotions and feelings and deal with them in different ways. SO, in simple terms, let each other know how you need to deal with those feelings. If one of you feel the need to talk about it but the other needs to clear their head, let them clear their head so that they can talk about it with you later or vice versa, which brings me to my next point.

    • Do not hold in feelings. Do not let your insecurities or anger bottle up inside you and then later explode! Instead, sit down with your other and let them know what is going on. Be upfront and honest with them. It’s a lot easier in the long run. Oh, you’re not confrontational, you say? Neither am I! Write an email or letter or even just a bullet point list, but do NOT hold it in. This also goes for emotions of happiness and love. Let your other know when they did something amazing or even something small that really touched your heart! It’s great reassurance for them knowing they are always keeping you falling for them!

When you go through new changes, new emotions, and new obstacles…just remember that when you love someone, you love all of them. You love the good and you love the bad, the bad are just flaws that you learn to love more and more. As a couple, you will grow and love each other for new reasons every single day. Be sure to keep your love growing, appreciate the great moments and gain knowledge from the learning experiences.

As Always,


**How do you love your significant others in all of their forms**

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