Do You Appreciate Your Loved Ones?

I grew up in a home with an amazing mother and father who have been married for 27 years this November 4th, 2016. I have one younger sister and all of us together are a force to be reckoned with. We are loud, funny (at least we think so), and we will support and love each other in everything we do. There is not a day that goes by that I can not thank my parents for. They raised my sister and I to be strong, humble, hard working, and respectful.

My parents are my best friends. They raised me, fed me, and taught me with guidance the entire way to be the young woman I am today. I have always seen my mother and father as these invincible superheroes (they have never heard me say that before so at this point…I know mom is crying). When I say this, I mean, they have been and still are these young and energetic super humans…ALWAYS doing something! However, time does not stand still for no man. We all continue to get older and over time, we begin to watch more carefully what we eat, maybe work out more than before, or even learn to de-stress because hey, it’s good for our heart.

My eyes fill up with tears every time I think about not being able to talk with my best friends one day. I know it’s something I probably shouldn’t have to worry about right now, but I do. To know that I can’t call dad and ask him for advice or my mom to vent to her about my day whether it’s good or bad.. To know that they won’t be a phone call away absolutely breaks my heart.

Life is unexpected, life is hard, and life sometimes is unfair. Life is taken from us too soon and I can not risk a day in my life not telling them how thankful and blessed I am to call them my parents. I am lucky to have them by my side every step of the way through life.

I am so proud of them for busting their humps at such a young age and they never let anything get in their way. They gave my sister and I a life they only thought they could dream of and a life neither of them had! They are successful, intelligent, and their wisdom is unimaginable.

It’s important to tell your parents you love them, I honestly do not care how old you are, to any of my readers, this pertains to you. It’s important to tell your parents thank you and it’s important to realize what they have done, are doing, and always will do for you!

For me, I will be honest, it took me awhile to have this appreciation…I went from being a “know it all” to realizing I know nothing and I need my parents every single day. I literally call mom on my way home from work every day and if we don’t talk for a few days, we both are like, jeeze, where have you been?! It’s just a simple gesture, but even one phone call a week will not kill you!

All I could ever ask in my future is to grow up and be just like them, to be the amazing parents that they are!

Mom, Dad… Please know, you have loved me unconditionally, through all my ups and downs and I can never express enough gratitude for everything you do for me.

For all of you readers, be sure to take the time and appreciate your parents. Also, when I say parents, I mean, to anyone who has brought you up in your life, whether that be a grandparent, aunt, uncle, guardian, step-parents, foster parents, etc, etc. The list could go on, but when I say appreciate your parents, please know I am telling you to appreciate your family. Appreciate your loved ones. Appreciate your life here on Earth.

Now, go call your loved ones, send them a simple text, email, letter…whatever…let them know that they are awesome and you are thankful to have them in your life.

As Always,


**PS I would make a list of everything I do for my parents, but I’m kinda awesome so the list would be really long. What do you all do to appreciate your loved ones!**

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