Are You A Weather Snob?

Dear Mother Nature,

As a former New Yorker, I definitely felt for everyone in that winter blizzard mess recently! As I have been talking with my girls at work, we have come to the conclusion that we are weather snobs.

What is a weather snob you may ask?! Well, there could be multiple definitions, but we believe…as weather snobs…it is not okay for more than one act of weather to happen at the same time. So, we are going to need you, Mother Nature, to stop being bipolor.

For example, when it is snowing out, the wind should not be whipping you in the face, making you cry because its so cold on your eyeballs, and making snot icicles off your nose! I mean a beautiful snowfall is about all we need, cold and snow, nothing else.

How about when its 102 degrees outside….it should not be a bright scolding day where you don’t want to walk out of the house because you can’t breathe with the humidity! We need some nice clouds to help out with that heat index!

When it is sunny and bright, a gorgeous day, the wind should not be dropping the temperature so much that its pretty to look at outside but not go out!? If I see the sun, I want warm, nice weather! I mean how hard is this Mother Nature?!

How about a rainy thunderstorm…it can be warm or it can be cold (preferably not) but hey there Mr. Tornado! We don’t need you twirlin’ around screwing up our neighborhoods, schools, and towns!

Oh, you want to call on a beautiful, sunny, normal day….for an earthquake?! WHY!? Like seriously?! I don’t even understand the point of our gorgeous Earth just breaking off into pieces. Damn plate techtonics…


Rain should never turn to ice or snow for that matter. Actually, there should never be an in between of raining and snowing. Like there needs to be a full commitment to one or the other. It’s like being pregnant. You either are. Or you’re not. No in between and we do not need some silly tetter-totter mushy wetness. Ew.

Pollen should be non-existent (not weather related, but when spring hits, like go home pollen you’re freaking drunk, no one wants you…except for the bees) and yeah yeah I know we need bees for pollination, but does it have to cause everyone to sound like we have our noses plugged while we talk?!

How about when it rains! Everyone likes it a little, and its good for movies and reading…but day after day after day! Uh…NO. We did not ask for a flood or monsoon!? I mean A SINGLE RAIN DAY is more than enough!

 So all in all…

Hi everyone. My name is Samantha and I am a weather snob.

I like perfect weather all the time.

I like to be able to go outside and do things without the hesitation of weather being a factor.

For all you weather snobs out there, we CAN and WILL get through this!

THE SUN WILL COME OUT TOMORROW!!! …Well, maybe not…but I will pray for it! A nice sunny warm spring day! Enough of this bipolorness weather!

Maybe it’s just where we are at in North Carolina, but we are ready for our beach weather back!


All Weather Snobs

As Always, 


*What weather do you love and hate?! Are you a weather snob?!*


  1. Allie | 22nd Mar 17

    HAHA I love this. My husband and I are the epitome of weather snobs. We are used to weather that does not change from the 65-75 degree range and is almost always sunny. Thinking back to growing up, I’m not sure how I made it through six months of blizzards in Michigan. I definitely don’t miss scraping ice off my car if I wanted to go anywhere… but I think I would rather take cold weather than like above 100. NO THANK YOU. It’s supposed to get up to 115 where I just moved and I am basically signing up for Amazon Fresh and only leaving the house if I need to 🙁 haha

    • Samantha Santoro | 23rd Mar 17

      OMG see I need to move to the most perfect weather. Isn’t that like Hawaii?! lol.

  2. Liz Stephenson | 22nd Mar 17

    Damn I am so so guilty. Was in NYC last month and couldn’t handle it… I refused to walk and spent so much money and time in Lyft cars 🙁 🙁

  3. carlie | 23rd Mar 17

    Yes I totally am! I get out of my car and I’m like whyyyyyyy

  4. Jenn | 23rd Mar 17

    Raising my hand! I am a weather snob. But living in Wisconsin things don’t go my way quite often haha! Love this post!


    • Samantha Santoro | 24th Mar 17

      so glad you love it! haha just a funny one to keep everyone on their toes! lol.

  5. Maggie Bera | 24th Mar 17

    I feel this!!! I can’t STAND the humidity… especially if I styled my hair!

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