It all starts first thing in the morning with choices.

Morning group one: perky morning people like myself (we’re crazy I know)

Morning group two: hitting snooze 5 times before slowly getting out of bed

Either way, we all get-up and put our pants on one leg at a time. No matter what your morning routine may be, what’s going through your mind? Are you mentally preparing to tackle the day or are you mentally bashing the day before it even truly started?

This time of the day should be used to set your daily goals, both personal and business. Yes, you should have a daily goal! A motivational speaker, Billy Cox said “the two things in life you are in total control over are your attitude and your effort.” Therefore, every morning you should be waking up and start with a positive mindset. Once that mindset is prepared for the day, take it and hit the ground running. Your work ethic will drive from your attitude and your attitude will drive from your positive outlook on the day.

So now your day is over and you’re home, hopefully relaxing, go ahead and ask yourself these few questions and try and look back on the past few days, weeks, or even the last year…

Did I give enough effort? – Did you wake up every morning and have a goal? This will help motivate you and keep you driven to finish these tasks/goals every day.

Was I in the right mindset? Did you try your best to keep a positive outlook on the day, with as many things that may try to knock you down…it only shows strength and integrity to push through and keep moving forward.

What can I do to improve? Make a list of things you want to better than one by one, become the new and improved.

Remember that YOU make the decision to have a good attitude throughout the day. YOU make the decision on how much effort you are going to give. YOU are the only person who can make these choices. So, wake up and make the right choices to start your day and rest of your life!

As Always,



**Do you feel like you’re in total control of your attitude and your effort?**

**What improvements are you going to make?**

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