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This past weekend I reorganized my apartment for the, no lie, probably 6th time in 4 months. My fiance is away on deployment and well, I tend to organize and reorganize everything, I want to make things look and function better…over and over again. I think I love it, then I think it can be better, so inevitably, it changes…again.

Every time I change our home, I get all excited, take pictures and send them to him! Here’s how the conversation goes…

ME: “I really love it this time! It’s definitely staying this way!”

FIANCE: “Looks great babe, we will see what it looks like when I get home. lol.”

And…as always, he’s right, because as you guessed it…I change it again! Luckily, he is a clean and neat freak like myself so, my actions aren’t as bad as they may seem.

BUT, I may have come to a conclusion as to why I do this… I read a quote the other day and it seemed to be one of the reasons for my madness.

“She knew she loved him when ‘home’ went from being a place to being a person.” ~E.Leventhal. I thought, well, this quote absolutely nailed it on the head. I’m trying to make our home more “homey,” cozy, and comfortable…but nothing seems to suffice. Nothing will ever be in the right spot, nothing will ever make our home more comfortable, and nothing will ever be considered home until he is here with me.

So, FOR NOW I have truly made our home as comfortable as possible until he returns, but if you’re an organizational neat spaz like myself then know these few tips…

  1. Embrace the organization
    • It is okay, to organize your home, closet, pantry etc. It gives you a sense of productiveness and may make a mess to start, but overall it is so satisfying when you’re done
  2. Only tackle one area at a time
    • Trust me on this, do NOT, do the entire house at once. You will become overwhelmed and you will end up with what looks like a tornado touched down right in your home. Start with one area, make it the way you want it, and then move on! It’s a much better concept.
  3. Let the mind be free
    • I don’t know about you all, but when I clean and organize, I literally have NOTHING going on in my head. It is the most clear my mind ever is. I don’t think about things and I don’t worry about anything. It’s like the organization and process of what I want to do in, whatever room takes over my entire brain. It’s literally all I focus on and I absolutely love it. If you ever want to clear your mind and forget about whatever may be going on, maybe try and start with something small and clean out your fridge or pantry. It will begin to escalate from there, but it is so easy and so rewarding

So, as we all have heard before…home is where the heart is and well, my heart is with my fiance overseas. Therefore, home will not be same until he is back in my arms because together is our favorite place to be.

However, in the meantime, my fiance is a trooper for supporting my organizational addiction. When he comes home…he may need my help finding everything, but that’s okay… because WE WILL FINALLY BE HOME TOGETHER. 

As Always,


**Does anyone else organize like me? How do you feel when you’re done? How does your significant other feel when you go into spaz mode?”




  1. Laurie Albanos | 26th Feb 17

    Thank you for the sacrifices you make and will continue to make as the spouse of a service member who is fighting in defense of our freedom.

    • Samantha Santoro | 26th Feb 17

      Thank you so much! 🙂 Never knew how much I affect him while he is away, but taking care of everything is more than I could have thought, good thing I’m a multi-tasker 😉

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