Getting My Fiancé Back

A little more than two years ago my Princess and I began to create what is now our wonderful relationship. Everyone who reads this blog knows that whole back story so I am not going to waste your time rereading some sappy, mushy love story. Personally, I hate when people or things waste my time. It is the one thing you can never get back.

I cannot relax the way I see others relax. I cannot sit on the couch and watch TV for hours, I cannot just let time pass when I could be using it for my goals. There are many instances when I cannot just go do “leisure” activities. I do not see sleeping as relaxing, I do not see hanging out with friends at a bar relaxing. I do not see drinking beer relaxing. What is relaxing to me is actively working toward what I am/need to accomplish. Taking care of what I need to do to achieve my next goal in life is relaxing. Waking up at 2:30 A.M and starting my day on two, three hours sleep is relaxing. Crushing my body in the gym and increasing my level of physical fitness is relaxing. Pushing out an extra rep or running an extra mile is what relaxes me. Sacrificing time with friends on weekends to study for upcoming tests is relaxing. It all comes down to this I have goals, I know where I want to be in life and I know what it will take to accomplish this dream. I will not look back on my life and be disappointed in myself. I will know in my heart that I did everything possible to allow me to succeed. Most people who are on their death bed do not regret what they did, it is what they did not do that burns inside of their soul.  I am going to end my rant with this……How much time do you have left?

All that being said I feel that Samantha has wasted years of her life trying to figure out or gain the discipline to become Gluten Free. I know Samantha writes her blog to spread positive messages and other enlightening ideas. With this, I have noticed she is gaining more followers who also suffer from her same condition, Celiac Disease. Well after two years of dating a sick, bloated, constantly miserable with herself we found the closest thing to a cure. These past two years have been terrible for her health. The most frustrating thing I would see was the exact definition of insanity(constant doing the same thing and expecting different results).  She would literally eat food that she knew would make her sick and tell herself I’ll be okay. It was frustrating to watch someone destroy themselves. It took years to completely break her of her food “addiction”. But how?

We signed up for what I thought at the time was a complete scam, Isagenix. I am a big, strong and athletic man. I work out, lift heavy weight, run fast etc. (I was a college athlete and maintained my fitness my entire life). So when Sam told me she signed up for a company that sells “supplements” I instantly thought great we just wasted more money. Over the years I have pretty much tried every different supplement out there and I have come to find out that there is nothing that replaces and excellent nutrition plan, good clean food. Not dieting but eating to meet goals. I thought Isagenix was just more nonsense being scooped up looking for people who want a quick solution to their problem but it works hand in hand with proper nutrition.

Isagenix is none of this. Isagenix is a company that cares about the individual they sell their product to. If you do not want what they have to offer they will not slam it down your throat like the notorious salesman at GNC. They sell their product strictly from word of mouth. It is that great and true to themselves and their clients that they can, in fact, do this. This is quality nutrition. All of their proteins and supplements are 100% natural. There are no chemicals or any fillers. It is a  quality product that sells itself.

It is not selling a product to a customer to increase sales. It is facilitating a means for those who want a healthier, happier life to achieve just such. 

So back to Sam and her Celiac Disease. Isagenix makes me happier because she is changing each day into a better, healthier, happier person. Which in turns makes everything better for myself. Let’s be real.  Happy (future) wife, happy life. The change in her has been incredible. She has energy now, she has drive now, she has a look in her eyes that says the world is mine. Isagenix has made our relationship better and more fulfilling. I used some of their items with extreme skepticism to see how it is and if it actually works. It has been about four weeks now and I have seen a drastic improvement. It is easier to wake up and go on just a few hours sleep. I have more energy in the gym, I have been lifting heavier for more reps. I can run with so much more ease on my joints.

All this being said I finally have my time back with Sam. It is no longer being wasted by her feeling sick or groggy, with zero energy, or drive to do things. We cannot get back these two years but we can get much more value out of the future.

If you want some serious help to battle the challenges of a Glueten Free lifestyle just let her know. She has countless tips and advice for each and every situation. Trust me shes been through them all. Good luck and I hope atleast one person decides to change their life for the better, otherwise taking the time to write this was a waste of my time LOL.

Ya know…as always…sam loves doing life with everyone.


  1. Maggie Bera | 24th Mar 17

    I’m obsessed with this. Loved hearing from John’s point of view. He loves you very much!

    • Samantha Santoro | 24th Mar 17

      So glad you enjoyed it! He told me to delete it and I about flipped on him because it was so honest I loved it!

  2. Allie | 24th Mar 17

    Hahah THE CLOSING was soooo cute haha. I loved reading John’s POV on this, as I know how hard it can also be on the spouse/significant other of someone with chronic illness/celiac/etc. I know my husband was also not able to fully function when I was so sick… it weighed on him so heavily and he felt helpless. I loooved watching your live video today and can see how passionate you are about helping people, because this is what worked for you. SO happy you’re feeling so much better and have your life back again, girl! <3 <3

    • Samantha Santoro | 24th Mar 17

      YES YES YES! Such pure and honest words. A little brutal but thats necessary in life sometimes! We need to hear it and I am so glad I did!

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