How To Obtain Mental Clarity

Are there days when your mind just thinks about every freaking little thing that you could possibly think of!?!

OHMYGAWD does mine! >:/

Well, I’ve come to the realization that when our minds think this way…we get NOTHING accomplished other than being frustrated and mentally drained. I am one of those people who try to keep it all in my head and…well…that never seems to work because I get all crazy flustered.

Fortunately, this weekend, my fiance and I did a few things that I know can clear your mind as it did mine!



I don’t care if you know how to play a specific sport or not…go do it! This weekend we went golfing, we played a few holes with some friends. Let’s just say I am in need of some serious practice, BUT the point is when I was out there…not one thing was going through my mind. I was enjoying the views, genuinely trying to be better (*key word…trying*), and being grateful for the time I was getting with my soon to be husband and friends. There is so much more than golf too! Running, tennis, softball/baseball…the list could go on, get a group of friends, go play, or take some time to yourself and hit off a tee into a net. The options are endless and the physical activity clears your mentality during that time.

John and I golfing! >excuse the hair and makeup, it was windy and I just finished my dress fitting!<



John and I have been living on the Crystal Coast for a little over a year now and we just recently discovered this new hiking trail at Fort Macon! We fell in LOVE with it! It was 3.2 miles and what I thought was going to be a flat boring trail…was the complete opposite! There were hills through the sand dunes, absolutely gorgeous views, and an awesome clean trail! It took us away from all your worries! Toby got to come too and I think it is now his new favorite place


Toby reading about the birds at Fort Macon!



As I have said in my previous post, Home Is Where Your Heart Is, cleaning and organizing are my absolute go to. I am a Type A, neat freak, every single thing has a place to go kinda person. I kinda crack myself up because John will see me moving…all over the place, and he’s like “okay, I’m just going to get out of your way and let you do your thing.” And that is exactly what I do! I DO MY THING!

It is so important for us to live a life where mental clarity is a key focus.

You can not live in the past, you can not hold a grudge, you can not dwell on what could have, should have, or would have been! People…that is toxic! Yes, I can understand having some time to think about those things or vent but give yourself a time frame…then, let it go. Start new and clear your mind and generate new thoughts and positive vibes for every day that is next to come in your life!

Clearing your mind is one of the best things in the world for new ideas, motivation, and even getting back on track. Sunday is my “mind clearing day” because that’s when I do my big cleaning for the week. It is also part of my weekend when I can do activities that relax me mentally, emotionally, and physically.
Something new I would like to try is to do a short meditation/yoga video every night. I want to be able to let go of the day, relax my mind and then set myself a goal for the day or week to come. I can mentally relax, prepare, motivate, and conquer anything I set my mind to!

**What do you do to clear your mind?!**

As Always, 


…Watch John and I on our classy golf cart ride… (click below)



  1. Lauren Grace | 28th Feb 17

    I love this!

  2. Adrianna | 28th Feb 17

    Loved the part about getting out there and just trying something. I have been wanting to learn how to play tennis forever and I think this summer I will finally do it. Thank you for the inspiration! I also love the pictures you have the cutest pup.

  3. Charlotte | 28th Feb 17

    Loved this and in need of some mental clarity! Will definitely be trying some more activities on the weekend!
    A great meditation I find is ones on YouTube for sleep. Perfect to clear the mind & relax!
    Thanks for the great post!


    • Samantha Santoro | 28th Feb 17

      Awesome and glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the meditation tips Charlotte! 🙂

  4. Keeli | 28th Feb 17

    All of these are so important! These are great tips, and I try to include them in my everyday life!

    • Samantha Santoro | 28th Feb 17

      Glad you seem them as important as I do Keeli! One step and one day at a time, little changes make the biggest changes in the long run! 🙂

  5. Allie | 28th Feb 17

    Cleaning is such a good way to achieve mental clarity for me… and also just being outside. Have you seen Minimalism on Netflix? Husband and I just moved, but we watched it right before and got rid of maybe just 1/5 of our stuff. IT FELT SO GOOD! (: Great post!

    • Samantha Santoro | 28th Feb 17

      We definitely achieve clarity the same way!! And I have not seen Minimalism SO it looks like its on my list to watch now! Thanks!!

  6. ashlyn rugh | 28th Feb 17

    I mainly get my clarity through hiking and traveling. Somehow after I finish a trip, or a good long hike I always feel happier and more inspired with life. Definitely pinning this post to refer back to later on.

    • Samantha Santoro | 28th Feb 17

      EXACTLY how I feel! Just want to do bigger and better things when I finish things like that! 🙂

  7. Chelcee | 28th Feb 17

    Nature is my favorite way to clear my mind. It is a bit more difficult now that I live in a city, but I used to live on a mountain in the middle of no where pretty much and I would just go outside and sit in a quiet place, listening to all the different animals and insects around me.

    • Samantha Santoro | 28th Feb 17

      That sounds so relaxing Chelcee! Maybe there is a nice park or a nice rooftop in your city you could go to! 🙂

  8. Aleena | 1st Mar 17

    Such good ideas! I’m definitely lacking the physical activity part, they’re my least favorite haha!

  9. Katie Ehle | 3rd Mar 17

    Thanks for sharing your story!

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