London Broil | Cucumber Salad | Roasted Green Beans: Sunday Lunch

Sunday was a relaxing afternoon for the future Commins residence!!! We had another great hike at Fort Macon and when we got home we were starving! One of our favorite things to eat is a good steak. We eat a sirloin or London broil probably once a week.

So, John went down to the grill, seasoned up the London broil with some adobe, garlic and herb rub, and Slap Ya Mamma seasoning (my favorite…and yes…it really is called Slap Ya Mamma)! Cooked the steak for about 10 minutes on each side leaving us with a perfect medium well steak!

While John was grilling, I made a fresh “greek-ish” cold salad. Fresh cucumbers, tomato, and avocado. I also added a garlic and herb feta cheese. I would have put red onion BUT I forgot that at the grocery store this week! We used a balsamic vinegarette dressing to top it off. We laid the London broil on top of the salad and ohmygawdddd it was delicious!

I also decided that I wanted to make roasted green beans (I actually roast almost every vegetable I eat, it’s so good)! Laid down the aluminum foil on the tray, coconut oil spray, cut up fresh green beans, top with olive oil and Mrs. Dash onion and herb seasoning! Bake in the oven 400 degrees for 25 min! BOOM FRESH GREEN BEAN FRENCH FRIES! Haha at least that’s what I call them! I eat them right off the tray they are so good!

John and I are very simplistic people, we like to enjoy our delicious meals with very little clean up and that’s what we did! The green beans aluminum foil gets thrown away. The fresh veggies were cut on one cutting board and thrown into a bowl and the steak was out on the grill with one tray to take it out!

We will definitely be making this dish again. YUMM! Let me know if you try it out and with any different seasonings, it is super easy and clean up is even easier!! Oh and afterwards…naps are totally acceptable because you aren’t in a fat feeling food coma, but instead a full satisfied belly full of flavor (with leftovers for later)…and yes, Toby got a few bites too!

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  1. Alix | 6th Mar 17

    We roast a lot of veggies too! I do kind of the same thing as you did here with green beans and Mrs Dash (love Mrs dash) but sometimes I change it up and sprinkle a little Parmesan cheese over them instead of the seasoning!

    • Samantha Santoro | 6th Mar 17

      YES YES YES I do the same! I love all the different Mrs. Dash! I love Parmesan on my asparagus and my brussel sprouts! 🙂

  2. Lauren Grace | 6th Mar 17

    YUM! This sounds so good. I have never used Mrs. Dash… Will definitely pick one up next time I am at the store!

  3. Chelcee | 6th Mar 17

    Looks delicious! I wish veggies were not so expensive where we are!

  4. Allie | 7th Mar 17

    I NEED TO MAKE THIS ASAP like I am putting these ingredients on my next grocery list. Haha. My husband loves “simple” meals like this that are mainly meat and veggies… so I’m sure he would like too. I don’t have adobo but I guess I need to buy that, too. I have like 78 spices, but somehow not that one 🙁 This looks sooo good and Toby looks adorable! (:

  5. Adrianna | 7th Mar 17

    I eat this cucumber salad ALL the time in the summer it is easily one of my favorite salads!

  6. Jenn | 7th Mar 17

    DELICIOUS! You make everything look so easy and effortless. Will definitely have to try this dish!


    • Samantha Santoro | 7th Mar 17

      I promise I try to make them as easy and effortless as possible, I am so not a complicated person…and I would prefer to barely have to clean up from dinner! lol!

  7. carlie | 7th Mar 17

    OMG this looks absolutely delicious!! Plus, I love your puppy at the end!! He is such a cutie! Thanks for sharing. I love trying out new recipes.

  8. Charlotte | 8th Mar 17

    Ooo I definitely need to try the roasted green beans!

    Thanks for sharing


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