How To Pay It Forward

When looking at an outside perspective on our world, I try my best to look at the bigger picture. I tend to ask myself more than I probably should… “What has our world come to?” Our world and society have become selfish, non-appreciative, and just plain old lazy. What happened to helping others, generosity, and compassion?! Today I want to take the time to let you know that the little things make a difference, that YOU can make a difference. It may not need to be today or tomorrow, but one day take a little leap of faith and pay it forward.

I know we all have bad days, it happens…but, remember that someone else could be having it ten times worse. Paying it forward is a chain reaction and lets be serious…when someone pays for your coffee while waiting in the drive-through line…it makes you’re freaking day!

So imagine your small or big gesture being life-changing and yes, I know a coffee is not life changing, but it could lead to a much better day than that person started off with. Paying it forward may be the best thing that has ever happened to someone and you could be changing our society one person at a time. So, here are my challenges for you today!

1. Be open minded – Take the time to not just see your perspective on things, put yourself in someones shoes and really understand where they are coming from. You’ll begin to be more appreciative for even the smallest things we have in life.

2. Think of others – Whether it’s putting a smile on someones face, running a simple errand for someone, or even a phone call to a loved one, realize that those small things are huge things to other people. Start thinking, “It would really make their day if I -fill in the blank with something you may do for someone-.” Stop thinking of just yourself and start thinking of others. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and truly you’re just doing good deeds for others.

3. PAY IT FORWARD – Big or small, your thoughtfulness is going to go a long way. When you give that special moment to someone, be sure to tell them you’re just paying it forward and they can do so as well. Continue to make the chain reaction grow. Continue to change our society and continue to change our world. Maybe you pay for a coffee, maybe you help an elderly person bring their groceries to their car, or maybe you give a homeless person a bag of clothes and food. Whatever it may be, you’ll feel better and you’ll be making someones day!

Always remember that when you’re helping someone else, your actions are louder than any words could express. People are watching all the time and good deeds do not go unnoticed. This will cause others to want to do good things for people too! Let’s change the world one good deed at a time, teach yourselves, your families, and even strangers that we are the difference. So go out and pay it forward…bring back the humanity, generosity, and happiness to our daily lives again!



**Have you ever paid it forward or watched someone pay it forward? What did you do or witness?! I would love to hear the changes everyone is making!**

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