Live A Life OF Purpose

Life is way too short AND life is also such a very long road ahead. Either way you look at it, life is what you make it. I have come across this saying many times in only 25 years of life, “go out and find your purpose,” or “we all have a purpose.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I would love to know who has found their one and only single purpose in life. I have honestly stopped interpreting that statement the way it is written or any form of that statement because I can not believe in living life that way. I have started approaching it differently… living a life OF purpose, not FOR a single purpose.

Do you know how hard it is to find a single purpose within yourself? I mean it is hard enough to find your outlet for self-love in this insane world we live in today let alone finding what we were put on this Earth for!? I guess it gives people drive and motivation, but I still don’t see it as being the right way to find ourselves in the world.

Even now as I write this, I could never tell you that I am here just for a single reason because if that’s true… I think I’ll be searching my entire life looking for it. I personally don’t want to be searching for something that I may never find. Instead, I want to be able to search for clarity, meaning, and fulfillment in every day.

Living life OF purpose to me means taking each day as it may come, taking the good, the bad, and the ugly and learning what you can from it. Living a life OF purpose for me, is making sure that I maintain a positive mindset daily, that I help one person in some way – big or small, and making sure that I am always happy living the life I am. I want to learn new things every day, I want to do things that I have never done, and I want to see world!

A life OF purpose is doing great deeds when no one is watching, making sure you take care of yourself once in a while, and being able to accept our world of constant change. I want to live happily, I want to live peacefully, and I want to live full. When I say full I’m not talking -stuff my face with food- full, but I want my heart to be filled with love, passion, and drive.

When people live their life and are always unhappy…it’s like cancer, it will grow and take over your entire self. Being unhappy, hating life, and constantly complaining is soul sucking. I do not know who in their right minds want to live a life of that. Yes, I understand there are tough times and holes we may need to dig ourselves out of or even ask for help at times, but you can get through anything! We were made to live a life OF purpose and part of our full purpose may be understanding the hard times so maybe one day down the road, we can help another with their hardships.

Somehow, over the years I have continuously found new things that I love to do, things that make me happy, and things I want to continue doing. THESE are purposeful events people! Everyone has them, even if you don’t think you don’t! A life OF purpose is so many wonderful things like family gatherings, children, accomplishments, marriage, vacations, self-improvement, hobbies (new and old), learning new things (about yourself, about others, about culture, cooking, history, future, etc) and even the hardships within our lives or others, your life is FULL OF PURPOSE!

A life OF purpose is a full life, a life that is excited for the future for where ever it may go. Even if the future consists of hard times, the good times will outweigh them. We are learning every day and right there we are fulfilling some purpose OF life. So from here on out, even if you were or were not searching for A purpose in your life, I want you to change your mindset and start to live a life OF purpose, go out and live a FULL PURPOSEFUL LIFE!

As Always,


**I would really love to hear some of your wonderful minds thoughts…

-What does living a life OF purpose means to you?!

-Have you found a one, single purpose? If so, that’s amazing, tell us about it!

-What will your life OF purpose be filled with!?


  1. Julie | 27th Feb 17

    I think thats great if you can focus your energy on your everyday purpose. Life is what you make it and not just what happens to you. Keep that positive energy going and it will affect those around you as well. Aloha!


    • Samantha Santoro | 27th Feb 17

      The positivity DEFINITELY affects those around me and it makes me always wanting more. Thanks Julie!!

  2. Vidhya | 27th Feb 17

    Hi Samantha, this is a wonderful, positive post! I like the idea of living a life OF purpose and not FOR a purpose.. look forward to reading more here! Good luck with your blogging journey!

    Cheers! Vidhya

  3. lola | 27th Feb 17

    i believe living a life of purpose is living the life that God placed me on earth to achieve. Living and taking each day as it comes and living to the maximum of my potential.

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