You Met Him Where?! …Tinder

Lets be honest. In our world today, the new way to possibly having a relationship is online dating. Some think it’s just for hook-ups while others lay down the law, stating, #RelationshipOnly. I would have never thought in a million years that I would find the love of my life on Tinder but, here I am, engaged to the most amazing man and best friend a girl could ask for.

I became a conformist and heard all the hype about Tinder. I said to myself, eh what the heck, why not? Best. Decision. Ever.

Not really sure how long I had the account, obviously Mr. Right had not come along. However, ironically, on February 14th, 2015 I was at home laying in bed, no man, no date, just single me on Valentines day. I was swiping away on Tinder, left, left, ehhhh I guess right, left, left…WO! It was then that I saw tall, dark, and handsome! I instantly said to myself, I am way too far out of his league, but I have to swipe right, just to see!


Ohmygosh. This insanely handsome guy swiped right for me too! Do I message him? Is he gonna message me?! What do I say? How do I act!?


“It’s Valentines night, I am home with my dogs, too drunk for Tinder, but you’re way too pretty to be single for long.”

That message he sent was the most honest message I had ever received on Tinder and I was just in awe that he possibly found me attractive! Therefore, I sent him my number. I soon got a text on my phone from him, HOW EXCITING! However, I got really skeptical for a moment.

I essentially “blew up” his phone with message after message, probably five or six in a row asking why does he have an 845 area code number? That’s from NY, why do you have a NY number? What part of NY are you from? Let me remind you we are in South Carolina at the time within a 60 mile radius of each other, also let me remind you that he said he was too drunk for Tinder to begin with…aka I may have sobered him up very quickly. Waiting and waiting for a response which I never got…my phone started ringing. HE WAS CALLING ME?!

Never, I mean NEVER have I spoke with someone on the phone RIGHT after messaging that person, I mean we didn’t even talk, I just blew up his phone! So, I answer, my heart is pounding in my throat, “Hello?”

He then proceeds to be just as skeptical as am, asking me…how do I know that area code? How do I know that number is from New York? He wanted to know…which one of his friends put me up to this!

I am now laughing because this is too unreal. We come to find out that we are from the same county in New York, to make it even more crazy, we are from two towns right beside each other, like totaling 10 minutes apart!

Valentine’s night started off sad and lonely and ended with a 2 hour phone conversation with Mr. Incredible and a date the next night!

Right from the start of our phone conversation, I knew he was the one. I had this insanely weird feeling, my stomach had the biggest butterflies ever and I was grinning from ear to ear as I was talking to him. Well, those feelings continued into the next night on the 15th. We went to a chill sports bar restaurant that I had been to plenty of times.

I sat there waiting for him and then saw he was calling…he was lost. Oh boy, is he gonna bail? No. He can’t bail! That phone call was too unbelievable AND I already ordered him a drink that I knew he liked (from last night’s conversation). Well, I was right, he finally got there and the second he walked in I knew it was him, I popped up out of my chair and gave him this, probably awkward, hug, but oh well! He was sooooo tall and I loved it!

We sat down across from each other and just grinned. I could talk about everything we discussed that night, but even as we were soaking up loads of information on each other, again I had that feeling of…I need to make him mine. I know we are meant to be! We smiled and stared and stared and smiled!

The night was coming to an end and I really didn’t want it too. I was babbling. Apparently, I babble when I’m excited or nervous (can’t you tell in this exciting story)?! He walked me to my car and I unlocked my doors, I was still talking let me remind you, I went to turn my car on, not really sure why? But, as I turned around, no clue what I was talking about, he looks at me…grabs the back of my neck and tells me in this calm but stern voice, “shut up and kiss me,” pulls me towards him and kisses me so deep and passionately, I FELT LIKE I WAS IN A MOVIE!

From that point on we have gone through so much together already. He is truly my best friend and the man I can not wait to spend the rest of my life with. We make each other laugh, we pick each other up when we are down, and something I say to him is that “I LOVE DOING LIFE WITH YOU!” (The true inspiration to the name of my blog!)

Every step of the first 20 something years of my life were about me, finding me, and overcoming indescribable things in my life. Now, I have found my companion and best friend who I love doing everything with.


As Always,



  1. Laurie Albanos | 26th Feb 17

    It’s wonderful that you’ve found your life partner and it doesn’t matter how you did it, you did it! I’m one day away from celebrating my 24th anniversary with the love of my life as well. I’ve been married since I’m 21 which is crazy to think about now, but I still, occasionally, get butterflies when he’s coming home from work. Enjoy it – it goes fast!

    • Samantha Santoro | 26th Feb 17

      BEST part of my day is when he walks in the door and asks how my day was. I will never take that for granted because I missed it SO much while he was away! Congrats on 24 loving years and many more to come!! 🙂

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