#TWB: Traveling While Broke! How to Explore on a Low Budget

By Dyonna Bass

I love the feeling of exploring and getting to know a new continent, country, or even city. I first got a taste of the travel bug back in 2015 when I went on an epic 30 day journey through Europe sponsored by the art department at my school Shepherd University. I learned a lot about not only Europe, but also about myself. I learned that I’d much rather travel with the people I love, like my family and friends, rather than a group of strangers. I learned that I am not really a fan of museums 🙈. And I also learned that there is so much more to the world than the tiny bit that I know.

After the month I spent in Europe, visiting NINE different countries, I realized I HAD TO SEE MORE!!!!!

So if you have the travel bug, but not the travel bugs wallet 🤷🏾‍♀️, this post is for you!

You do not, I repeat DO NOT have to have a lot of money to explore, be adventurous, and see new things! More likely than not, there are plenty adventures waiting to be explored right around the corner!

Tip 1: Explore your own city

It's always great to become an expert of your own city or town. What’s that thing that tourist come to your city for, that you’ve never actually taken the time to check out? DO IT, there’s a reason “outsiders” love it.

Tip 2: Explore Nearby States and cities

I’m very lucky to live SO close to Washington DC because it allows us to be very close to a lot of other great cities like Richmond VA, New York City, Baltimore MD.  Even if you’ve already done all of the “touristy” things in your town, go be a tourist in neighboring towns.

Tip 3: Go where you “know”

My favorite thing is when someone I know moves to a new location that I have never explored because that means I have somewhere to stay for FREE! One of the most expensive parts about traveling is lodging. Take a little stress off of your wallet by staying with friends or family.

Tip 4: Eat where the locals eat

Often times restaurants and other businesses in tourist locations have more expensive prices than those outside of that part of town. GoogleMaps has a great tab in their app that literally says “go where the locals go” use that and find a place to eat that doesn’t have the extra charges and ridiculous prices. Who knows, you may just find your favorite new spot.

Did you find these tips helpful? Or did I just tell you what you already know?? Let me know in the comment section below!

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