Three Pros and Three Cons of Group Travel

Three Pros and Three Cons of Group Travel

By Dyonna Chapman

When I went on my first trip abroad planned through a company called EF Tours, I embarked on that journey in a group of 50 people. Not only was that my first time abroad, but it was my first time traveling in a group that large in size AND with that many strangers. I have been on a multitude of family trips in groups of 10 or more, but that is nothing compared to being on a bus with the same 50 people for 30 days in Europe!

During my time I experienced many new things. Some things I loved and some things I didn’t quite enjoy about group travel. So today I’m going to give you a few of my pros and cons of group travel to help you make the decision for yourself!

Pro 1: Meet new people, make new friends

I think it is absolutely impossible to go somewhere for a month with the same people everyday and not make new friends! During my time, I became friends with people who I never would’ve crossed paths with otherwise. Even now, three years later, we still keep in touch!

Pro 2: Never a dull moment

When you are on a 30 day trip that requires you to be in close proximity with 49 other people with completely different personalities, cultures, backgrounds, etc. you can almost guarantee you will ALWAYS be entertained. I have one specific memory of someone who brought a ukulele giving everyone a concert as we drove from one European country to the next!

Pro 3: Less likely to get lost, (or kidnapped!)

When traveling in a larger group it is harder for you to get lost because it is easier for you to spot your group! There aren’t very many large groups the size of yours, and if there are, there are usually distinctive differences! This also ties into the fact that you have more people who are looking out for your well being, which is always a good thing.

Con 1: EVERYBODY has an opinion

When a group this large is given the opportunity to make a decision, whether it’s about what we will eat or where we will go next, it is more than likely not going to be an easy decision to make. Every person has their own idea of what the best option is or simply what they want! There was a point during my trip when the group was offered a chance to go to an additional country that was not on our original itinerary. Most of the group wanted to go, but there was one girl who decided that she did not want to. So when it was time to board the bus and leave she was nowhere to be found. Needless to say, the rest of the group was not happy at all.

Con 2: Never a dull moment

Yes, this was in the Pro section as well! When you are on a bus for an extended amount of time, there comes a point when you just want to sleep! If you’re anything like me and you are a light sleeper, I AM SORRY!!! You will not get very good sleep during the journey AT ALL.

Con 3: Drama is inevitable

Where there is people there is bound to be DRAMA. That’s all I will say about this one 😳

Have you traveled in a large group before? What was your experience? If  not, do you have any reservations about group travel?

Let me know in the comments below!

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