Tips For Surviving A Long Haul Flight

Tips For Surviving A Long Haul Flight

By Dyonna Chapman

I get a lot of questions from family and friends about traveling abroad. More specifically, about the flight aspect. I've even had some people tell me that they refuse to fly more than a certain amount of hours. When I hear things like this, I always try to assure them that THEY CAN DO IT !

So today I am going to get straight to the point with a few tips and tricks that are sure to help you survive long haul flights.


The most frequent question I get about traveling on a flight for 10+ hours, is how do I survive the food. My answer is simply this, bring whatever you want to eat! In most airports, there are usually only restrictions on liquids. When it comes to food, airports are pretty laid back. There are a few food items that TSA does not allow, but you can check to see if your favorite snack is acceptable or strictly prohibited here on TSA’s direct website.


I can’t stress this enough. There is nothing worse than wearing something uncomfortable for a long period of time. There is a time and place for everything, and this is the time that comfort should trump cuteness. It is definitely possible to accomplish both, but if you have to choose between the two, always chose comfort. If you need to look impressive as soon as you reach your destination, pack a change of clothes in your carry-on.


Whether you’re a reader or an avid Netflix watcher, you are going to need enough entertainment to get you through the long flight. Luckily, Netflix now allows you to download your favorite shows so that you can watch them without internet. And if you love to read, make sure you bring a book that you know will keep your attention, so that you don’t get bored and start thinking about the long flight ahead. The point of entertainment is to keep you distracted until landing.


Certain airlines do not allow you to choose seating ahead of time, but depending on what time you check into your flight you can have a little say so about where you sit. When flying Southwest Airlines, you can check-in to your flight 24hrs before takeoff. The sooner you check in, the sooner you can board the aircraft and choose your seat. For other airlines that do allow you to choose your seating ahead of time, I would recommend using  this site to help you choose the best seating. This site allows you to enter in your flight info and get a map of the aircraft you will be boarding,  along with a rating on each seat. It looks something like this…

Do you have any tips or tricks that are crucial to surviving a long haul flight? If so, let me know down below!

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